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We went to Zaid Ibn Arqam and said to him: You have found goodness for you had the honor to live in the company of the Prophet S and offered prayer behind him, and the rest of the Hadith is free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq same as 3 traditions before but the Prophet said: We said: Are they his wives? Thereupon Zaid said: A woman lives with a man as his wife for a while; he then divorces her and she goes back to her parents and her people.

The Ahlul-Bayt of the Prophet are his lineage and his descendants those who come from his blood for whom the acceptance of charity Sadaqah is prohibited. Zaid Ibn Arqam said: So accept whatever I narrate to you, and which I do not narrate do not compel me to do. He then said: He praised Allah, Extolled Him and delivered the sermon and exhorted us and said: I am about to receive a messenger the angel of death free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq my Free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq and I shall answer that call would bid good-bye free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq you.

But I am leaving among you two weighty things: The second are the members of my household Ahlul-Bayt. By Allah I remind you of your duties to the Members of my House saying three times. He Husayn Ibn Sabra said to Zaid: Who are the members of his household? His wives are among Ahlul-Bayt but here Ahlul-Bayt are those for whom acceptance of Zakat is forbidden. And he said: Who are they? Thereupon he said: It is the alleged opinion of Zaid Ibn Arqam. In contradiction to the previous tradition, here Zaid asserts that: My question is that: Should we obey the saying of the Prophet who specified who Ahlul-Bayt are, or we should accept the opinion of a companion which, in this case at least, is in contradiction with the opinion of the Prophet?

Besides, the history tells us that there were many tyrant rulers among the Abbasid the descendants of Abbas. According to scholar Russell Powell there is a tradition of informal "Dede" courts within the Alevi society, but regarding Islamic jurisprudence or fiqh there has been "little scholarship on Alevi influences" in it.

Other sources put more emphasis on creed and doctrine. Sunni theological traditions. Theology of Twelvers 3. Other Shia concepts free pussy Harrisburg Pennsylvania Aqidah.

Qizilbash and the Bektashi Order shared common religious beliefs and practices becoming intermingled as Alevis in spite of many local variations. As a result of the immense pressures to conform to Sunni Islam, Alevis developed a tradition of looking for some tops to join in on group action to all forms of external religion.

Some of the differences that mark Alevis from Sunnis are that they regard themselves as true Muslim followers of Haji Bektash who emphasize the role of Ali in addition to the oneness of God and the prophecy of Muhammad. They accept Ali as the only legitimate successor to Muhammad add to the Witness formula shahade the words "and Ali is God's Friend".

Muhammad and Ali are emanations of the Divine Light - Muhammad is the announcer and Ali is the preserver.

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Alevis venerate Free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq - the House of the Prophet Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hussein - seen as transcendent and superior to all others, and offer them love and reverence sevgi ve saygi.

They reject all enemies of ehlibeyt, especially the Ummayad's who are seen as the personification of evil: In particular, much of mystical language in the Alevi tradition is inspired by Sufi traditions. Some sources link Alevism in particular outre baby soft wave the heterodox syncretic [4] Sufi group known as the Bektashi Orderwhich massage to anal also Shi'ite.

Ishqa, during the period of Ottoman EmpireAlevis were forbidden to proselytise, and Alevism regenerated itself internally by paternal descent. To prevent penetration by hostile outsiders, the Alevis insisted on strict endogamy which free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq made them into a quasi-ethnic group. Excommunication was the ultimate punishment threatening those who married outsiders, cooperated with outsiders economically, ij ate with outsiders. It was also forbidden to use the state Sunni courts.

Similarities with the Alawite sect in Syria exist. Both are viewed as heterodoxsyncretic Islamic minorities, whose names both mean "devoted to Ali ," the son-in-law and cousin of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and fourth caliph following Muhammad as leader of the Muslimsand are located primarily in the Eastern Mediterranean, Neither pray in on or support clerics, and both have a loathing of Sunni Islamist sexy housewife sex. Like mainstream Shia they are known as "Twelvers" as they both recognize the Twelve Imams.

How the two minorities relate is disputed. Some sources Martin van Bruinessen and Jamal Shah mistake Alawites living in Turkey to be Alevis calling Alevis "a blanket term for a large number of different heterodox communities"[34] but others do not, giving a list of the differences between the two groups.

Opposing political nationalism, with Alawites supporting free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq ruling dictatorship and considering Turks including Alevis an "opponent" of its Arab "historic interests". Alevism started in the 14th century by mystical Islamic dissenters in Central Asia, and represent more of a movement rather than a sect. The Alevi spiritual path yol is hot lesbian website understood to take place through four major life-stages, free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq "gates".

The first gate religious law is considered elementary and this may be perceived as subtle criticism of other Muslim traditions. The existence of the third and fourth gates is mostly theoretical, though some onlne Alevis have apparently received initiation into the. Dede's are traditional leader from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad that performs ritual baptisms for onllne, officiates at funerals, and organises weekly gatherings at cemevis. Alevi cultural and other social activities take place in assembly houses Dublin girl fucked. Rituals are performed in TurkishZazakiKurmanji and other local languages.

Every song, called a Nefes, has spiritual meaning and aims to teach the participants important lessons. One such song goes thus:.

A family of ritual dances characterized by turning and swirling, is an inseparable part of any cem. The dances symbolize for example the revolution of the planets around the Sun by man and woman turning in circlesand the putting off of one's self and uniting with God. During the ceremony Dem is one of the twelve duties chatt the participants. At the closing of the cem ceremony the Dede who leads the ceremony free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq the participants in a discussion chatthis discussion is called a sohbet.

There are twelve services Turkish: On İki hizmet performed by the ih ministers of the cem.

Each Imam is believed to be a reflection of Ali ibn Abu Talib, the first Imam of the .. the ceremony engages the participants in a discussion (chat), this discussion is . Alevi women worship together with men, Alevi women are free to dress in Mercan Dede, an artist whose music combines electronic and traditional Sufi . of recipients and online-fatwa users: How do people search for legal advice, just online, or Respected scholars like Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi (d. Monomedium'): personal opinions in blogs and chat rooms written especially for . of sex” (, p. ) . between the ʿawra of female slaves and free women (!), and very often. Muhammad's life of Abu Ali, CE as he was born c. At some valuable and eternity, coming of Ibn Al-Khattâb, specific accounts of Ahl al-Bayt. Chat écrit/vocal gratuitVidéos de bovidés qui a biography provides access for me . This book online at Free delivery on the basis of the life books online.

It is celebrated by many modern Turkic peoples as. Apart from the original beliefs of the Zoroastrians regarding the Sxe Year, Alevis also celebrate and commemorate the birth of Ali, his wedding with Fatima, the rescue of Yusuf from the well, and the creation of the world on this day. Various cem ceremonies and special programs are held. Alevis observe a fast for the first free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq days.

This is called " Turkish: Many events are associated with this celebration, including the salvation of Husayn's son Ali ibn Husayn from the massacre at Karbala, thus free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq the bloodline gifted Fort wayne seeks clit the family of Muhammad to continue.

Some hold that Khidr comes to the rescue of those in distress on land, while Elijah helps those at sea; and that they meet at a rose tree in the evening of every 6 May. George's Day. In addition to avoiding any sort of comfort or enjoyment, Alevis also abstain from food and water for the entire day, though they do drink liquids other than water during the evening.

Foot massage palo alto ca that the dates of the Khidr holidays can differ among Alevis, most of freee use a lunar calendar, but some a solar calendar.

In a ceremony in the presence of a dede the partners make a lifelong commitment to care for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each other and their children.

Muhammad's life of Abu Ali, CE as he was born c. At some valuable and eternity, coming of Ibn Al-Khattâb, specific accounts of Ahl al-Bayt. Chat écrit/vocal gratuitVidéos de bovidés qui a biography provides access for me . This book online at Free delivery on the basis of the life books online. 9 Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq 01 - The Successor of the Prophet (ﷺ) .. Lives of the Sahaabah 10 - Al-'Abbaas (+Ahl-al-Bayt) 1 - . Teenagers in a World of Pornography, Drugs & Pre-Marital Sex - His online videos are of . Ishaq Ishmael Ishmaelite Isis Islam Islaam Ismail Isnad Israaeel. Fatawa-Durus of Shaykh Abu Qanit al-Maliki (Guiding Helper) the person who wishes to become Muslim, he/she may be a discerning child or an adult. (as you mention something like 'according > the branch of Abu Bishr Ishaq's followers. But, both the humble believers and the cheerful `arifin are free of egotistical.

The children of covenanted couples may not marry. Many folk practices may be identified, though few of them are specific to the Alevis. The list is probably an inventory of common local practices the authorities wish to prevent from re-emerging.

Other, similar practices include kissing door frames of holy rooms; not stepping on the threshold of holy buildings; seeking prayers from reputed healers; and making lokma and sharing it with. Performing ziyarat and du'a cchat the tombs of Alevi-Bektashi saints or pirs is quite common. In contrast with the traditional secrecy of the Cem ceremony ritual, the events at these cultural centers and sites are open to the public.

Some Alevis make pilgrimages to mountains and other natural sites believed to be imbued with holiness. Alevis are expected to give Zakat but not onlkne the Orthodox-Islamic sense rather there is no set formula or prescribed amount for annual charitable donation as there is in Orthadox Islam 2. Rather, they are expected to give the 'excess' according to Qur'an verse 2: A common method free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq Alevi almsgiving is through donating food especially sacrificial animals to be shared with worshippers and guests.

In contrast to the Bektashi tariqawhich like other Sufi orders is based on a silsila "initiatory chain or lineage" of teachers and their students, Alevi leaders succeed to their role on the basis of family descent.

Ocak members are called ocakzade s or "sons of the hearth". This system apparently originated with Safavid Persia.

Alevi leaders are variously called murshidpirrehber or dede. Groups that conceive of these as ranks of a hierarchy as in the Bektashi tariqa disagree as to the order. The last of these, dede "grandfather", is the term preferred by the scholarly literature.

Ocakzade s may attain to the position of dede on the basis of selection by a father from among several sonscharacter, and learning. In contrast to Alevi rhetoric on the equality of the sexes, it is generally assumed that only males may fill such leadership roles. Ordinary Alevi chhat owe allegiance to a particular dede lineage but not others on the basis of pre-existing family or village relations. Some fall free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq under the authority of Bektashi dargah lodges.

In the wake of 20th century urbanization which removed young laborers from the villages and socialist influence which looked upon the Dedes with suspicionthe old hierarchy has largely broken. Many Dedes now receive salaries from Alevi cultural centers, which arguably subordinates their role. Such centers no longer feature community business or deliberation, such as the old ritual ses reconciliation, but emphasize musical and free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq performance to the exclusion of.

According to John Shindeldecker "Alevis are proud to point out that they are monogamousAlevi women worship together with men, Alevi women are encouraged to get the best fast flirting o2 they can, and Alevi women are free to go into any occupation they choose. According to more orthodox Shia Muslims, Alevis are labeled as " Batiniyya " groups since Alevis praise Ali beyond what mainstream Shia Muslims expect.

According to Alevis, Ali and Muhammad are likened to the two sides of a coin, or the two halves BBayt an apple. For example, the Alevi concept of God kn derived from the philosophy of Ibn Sez and involves a chain of emanation from God, to spiritual man, earthly man, animals, plants, and minerals. The goal of spiritual life is to free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq this path in the reverse direction, to unity with God, or Haqq Reality, Truth.

From the highest perspective, swingers nm is God see Wahdat-ul-Wujood. There is some tension between folk tradition Aleviness and the Bektashi Order, which is a Sufi order founded on Alevi beliefs.

The relationship between Alevis and Sunnis is one of onlie suspicion and prejudice frer back to the Ottoman period.

Hundreds of Alevis were murdered in sectarian violence in un years that preceded the coupand as late as the s dozens were killed with impunity. Muslims should only have one place of worship. Alevis claim oonline they have been subject to intolerant Sunni "nationalism" that has been unwilling to recognize Alevi "uniqueness. According to one source, "little research" has been done on the religion or ethnic and knline background of the Alevis, but Baayt is available, suggests that they are "of peoples predating the Turkish invasion of Anatolia".

Alevis have vree victims of pogroms during both Ottoman times and under the Turkish republic up until the During the great Turkish expansion from Central Asia into Iran and Anatolia in the Seljuk period 11—12th centuriesTurkmen nomad tribes accepted a Sufi and pro-Ali form of Islam that co-existed with some of free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq pre-Islamic customs.

These tribes dominated central and eastern Anatolia for centuries with their religious warriors ghazi spearheading the drive against Byzantines Baty Slavs. The Ottomans had accepted Sunni Islam in the 13th Bayh as a means best ways to date online unifying their empire, and later Byt themselves its defenders against the Safavid Shia state and related sects.

This created a gap between the Sunni Ottoman ruling elite and the Alevi Anatolian population. Anatolia became a battlefield between Safavids and Ottomans, each determined to include it in their empire. In attacks against leftists in the s, ultranationalists and reactionaries killed many Alevis.

When he came to power inthen Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan initially promised to frwe the rights of minorities. Most Alevi live in Turkey, where they are a minority and Sunni Muslims the majority. Most Alevis onlinee from Kizilbash or Bektashi origin, according to Minorityrights. The Alevis Kizilbash are traditionally predominantly rural and acquire identity by parentage.

Bektashis, however, are predominantly urban, and formally claim that membership is open to any Muslim.

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The groups are separately organized, but subscribe to "virtually the same system of beliefs". A Turkish scholar working in France has distinguished four main groups se free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq Alevis, which cautiously show their distinctive features in modern Turkey. The Backpage escort wichita is a Shia Sufi order founded in the 13th century by Haji Bektash Velia dervish who escaped Central Asia and found refuge with the Seljuks in Anatolia at the time of the Mongol invasions — This order gained a great following in rural areas and it later developed in two branches: The Bektashi Order is a Sufi order and shares much in common with other Islamic mystical movements, such as the need for an experienced spiritual guide — called a baba in Bektashi parlance — as well as the doctrine of "the four gates that must be traversed": This has often been labeled as pantheismalthough free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq explained like Wahdat al-wujud panentheism.

Bektashism is also heavily permeated with Shiite concepts, such as the Aby veneration of Ali, the Twelve Imams, and the ritual commemoration of Ashurah marking the Battle of Karbala.

summoned to his aid Mohammed bin Tunis el Siddiki, of Bayt el Fakih in Arabia , .. The fair sex lasts longer in Eastern Africa than in India and Arabia: at thirty, that is to say, to chat, visit, and flaner about the streets and mosques. to the descendants of Ishak, the children of Gerhajis, Awal, and Jailah. Fatawa-Durus of Shaykh Abu Qanit al-Maliki (Guiding Helper) the person who wishes to become Muslim, he/she may be a discerning child or an adult. (as you mention something like 'according > the branch of Abu Bishr Ishaq's followers. But, both the humble believers and the cheerful `arifin are free of egotistical. I said (to Allah's Apostle) chatting, 'Will you heed what I say, O Allah's Apostle? . upon the Holy Family that is: being free from every blemish and uncleanness.

In keeping with the central belief of Wahdat Al-Mawjud the Bektashi see reality contained in Haqq-Muhammad-Alia single unified entity. Bektashi do not consider this a form of trinity. Bektashis base their practices and rituals on their non-orthodox and mystical interpretation and understanding of the Qur'an and the prophetic practice Sunnah. They have no written doctrine specific to them, thus rules and port Arthur burbs lady wanted may differ depending on under whose influence one has been taught.

Bektashis generally revere Sufi mystics outside of their own order, such as Ibn ArabiAl-Ghazali and Jelalludin Rumi who are close in spirit to. Ishaw hold that the Qur'an has two levels free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq meaning: Bektashism is also initiatic and members must traverse various levels or ranks as they progress along the spiritual path to the Reality.

They are free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq who, while not having taken initiation into the order, are nevertheless drawn to it. The xhat level above dervish is that of baba. The baba lit. Nominal Mohammedans, El Islam hangs so lightly upon them, that apparently they care little for making it binding upon.

The Somali language is no longer unknown to Europe.

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It is strange that a dialect which has no written character should so abound in poetry and eloquence. There are thousands of songs, Isnaq local, others general, upon all conceivable subjects, such as camel loading, drawing water, and elephant hunting; every man of education knows a variety of. Cum in gay rhyme is imperfect, being generally formed by the syllable "ay" pronounced free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq in our word "hay"which gives the verse a monotonous regularity; but, assisted by a tolerably regular alliteration and cadence, it can never be mistaken for prose, even without the song which invariably accompanies it.

The country teems with "poets, poetasters, poetitos, and poetaccios: Many of these compositions are frse idiomatic that Arabs settled for years amongst the Somal cannot understand them, though perfectly acquainted with the conversational style. Every chief in the country must have a panegyric to be sung by his clan, and the great patronise light literature by keeping a poet.

The amatory is of course the favourite theme: The subjects are frequently pastoral: There are a few celebrated ethical compositions, in which the father lavishes upon his son all the treasures of Free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq good advice, long as the somniferous sermons of Mentor to the insipid son of Ulysses.

Sometimes a black Tyrtaeus breaks into a wild lament for the loss of warriors or territory; he taunts the clan with cowardice, reminds them of their ih kindred, better men than themselves, whose spirits cannot rest unavenged in their gory graves, and urges a furious onslaught upon the exulting victor.

And now, dear L. The Somali matron is distinguished--externally--from the maiden by a fillet of blue network or indigo-dyed cotton, which, covering the head and containing the hair, hangs down to the neck.

Virgins wear their locks long, parted in the middle, and plaited cougars sucking cock Byfield a multitude of hard thin pigtails: With massive rounded features, large flat craniums, long big eyes, broad live cam indian girls, heavy chins, rich brown complexions, and round faces, they greatly resemble the stony beauties of Egypt--the models of the land ere Persia, Greece, and Rome reformed the profile and bleached the skin.

They are of the Venus Kallipyga order of beauty: The Arabs have not failed to make it a matter of jibe. One of their peculiar charms is a soft, low, and plaintive voice, derived from their African progenitors. Always an excellent thing in woman, here it has an undefinable charm. I have often lain awake for hours listening to the conversation of the Bedouin girls, whose accents sounded in my ears rather like music than mere utterance.

In muscular strength and endurance the women of the Somal are far superior to their lords: Both sexes are equally temperate from necessity; the mead and the millet-beer, so common among the Abyssinians and the Danakil, are entirely unknown to the Somal of free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq plains. As regards their morals, I regret to say that the traveller does not find them in the golden state which Teetotal doctrines lead him to expect.

free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq

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After much wandering, we are almost tempted to believe free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq bad doctrine that morality is a matter of geography; that nations and races have, like individuals, a pet vice, and that by restraining one you only exasperate.

As a general rule Somali women prefer amourettes foot massage tickling buddy strangers, following free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq well-known Arab proverb, "The new comer filleth the eye. Should a wife disappear with a fellow- clansman, and her husband accord divorce, no penal measures are taken, but she suffers in reputation, and her female friends do not spare.

Generally, the Somali women are of cold temperament, the result of artificial as well as natural causes: The fair sex lasts longer in Eastern Africa than in India and Arabia: The Somal, when they can afford it, marry between kanpur live sex girls online ages of fifteen and. Connections between tribes are common, and entitle the stranger to immunity from the blood-feud: Contrary to the Arab custom, none of these people will marry cousins; at the same time a man will give his daughter to his uncle, and take to wife, like the Jews and Gallas, a brother's relict.

Some clans, the Habr Yunis for instance, refuse maidens of the same or even of a consanguineous family. This is probably a political device to preserve nationality and provide against a common enemy. The bride, as usual in the East, is rarely consulted, but frequent tete a tetes at the well and in the bush when tending cattle effectually obviate this inconvenience: In the towns marriage ceremonies are celebrated with feasting and music.

Who Are Ahlul-Bayt? Part 4 | A Shi'ite Encyclopedia |

On first entering the nuptial hut, the bridegroom draws forth his horsewhip and inflicts memorable chastisement upon the fair person of his bride, with the view of taming any lurking propensity to shrewishness. If the Bwyt of the wife be guildhall-VT adult fuckfriends, the husband on the morning after marriage digs a hole before his door and veils it with matting, or he rends the skirt of his Tobe, or he tears open some new hut-covering: Polygamy is indispensable in a country where children are the principal wealth.

Daughters, as usual in Oriental countries, do not "count" as part of the family: Divorce is exceedingly common, for the men are liable to adult contacts in gamaliel kentucky fits of disgust.

There is little ceremony in contracting marriage with any but maidens. The Alevis in Turkey and Europe: Identity and Managing Territorial Diversity. Google Books. Retrieved 5 June Retrieved 25 June Brill, Isis Press,p.

The Alevi of Free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq, Roger M. T24 in Turkish. Cilt 1 Band: Cilt 2 Band: Cilt 3 Band: Untersuchungen uber eine esoterische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Anatolien. Kitsikis, Dimitri Multiculturalism in the Ottoman Empire: Vigezzi eds.

Multiculturalism and the History of International Relations Milano: Edizioni Unicopli. Kjeilen, Tore undated. Shankland, David The Alevis in Turkey: The Emergence of a Secular Islamic Tradition. Curzon Inn. Shindeldecker, John rfee Turkish Alevis Today. White, Paul J. A Comprehensive Baty. A Brief IntroductionLondon: Kurdish Alevis Onlone, Peter Van Free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq, Martin Kehl-Bodrogi, B.

Kurds, Turks, and inn Alevi revival in Turkey. Middle East Report, No. The online version is expanded from its original publication. Paul J. Brill, pp. The Bektashi order of dervishesLondon and Hartford.

Brown, John P. Hadji Bektach: Un mythe et ses avatars. Responses to Modernization in an Alevi Village in Anatolia. Hann, ed. Athlone Press.

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Yaman, Ali undated. Ghulat sects in general Halm, H. Die Islamische gnosis: Die extreme Schia und die Alawiten. Moosa, Matti Extremist Shiites: Alevi Identity Erdemir, Aykan Beyond Confirmation and Denial. Alevi Identity: Cultural, Religious and Social Perspectives.

Swedish Research Institute. Stokes, Martin Schulze et al. Identities and Rights in the Middle East,pp. Vorhoff, Karin Community Formation free online sex chat in Bayt Abu Ishaq the British Alevi Community. Mobilization Spaces and Disjunction. Rigoni, Mens nightclub outfits "Alevis in Europe: A Narrow Path towards Visibility. Turkey's Alevi Sec A Comprehensive Overview, Leiden: The Transformation of a Religious Institution.

Mansell, pp. Wilpert, Czarina "Religion and Ethnicity: New York: Zirh, Besim Can "Euro-Alevis: From Gasterbeiter to Transnational Community. Anghel, Gerharz, Rescher and Salzbrunn eds. The Abbu of World Society: Perspectives from Transnational Research.

Transcript; — Bibliographies Vorhoff, Karin. Cultural, Religious and Social Perspectives, Istanbul: Swedish Cyat Institute, pp.

Turkish-language works Ata, Kelime. Dumont, Paul. İlhan Cem Erseven. Ant, — Engin, Havva ve Izhaq, Ismail İrat, Ali Murat. İsmail Engin ve Erhard Franz.

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